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“And don 't forget, the next time you're planning a family vacation, consider visiting Genovia. A country of majestic mountains and sunbaked beaches, filled with friendly, peppy people. Come see us. Genovia awaits you.” – Joe, “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”

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Sunday night - fall in love with Beauty and the Beast all over again

I've always known that Belle was my favorite Disney princess, and I say all the time that I'm very much like her (just without the talking household objects and the hot, tortured prince in love with me). But I've never felt it more deeply than Sunday night.

This past weekend, the national touring production of Beauty and the Beast: the stage musical came to town, and I went and saw it last night with Lauren. The show was beautiful, and seeing it unfold right in front of me "fleshed out" the characters (if you'll pardon the pun). I almost cried a few times, Belle and the Beast (I refuse to call him Adam) were so convincing.

Monday morning - Buster Posey gets named National League Rookie of the Year

The perfect cap to the Giants' World Series win was the prospect of also nabbing a few of the individual awards (well, that and rubbing it in the faces of Dodger fans). Some of their fielders got robbed in the Gold Glove awards, but ever since Buster came up from the minors, the vote has been pretty well split between him and a player from Atlanta, and the argument became which was more worthy - a player who was phenomenal all season, or a player who was just as phenomenal in half the time. I'm so happy to see Buster get his due. The man was a joy to watch to play.

Tuesday morning - Prince William and Kate Middleton announce their engagement

Looks like I wore my tiara earrings for a reason today (even though it appears they've been engaged since last month)! Seeing as we know very little about her, I don't know how well she can handle the work aspect of royalty - seems to me she can't hold down a job, as her wealthy millionaire parents have pretty much made it so she doesn't have to - but she and Wills have managed to last 8 years together (with one small breakup), and I'm pretty sure that William doesn't want to have a repeat of his parents' divorce. I know that Buckingham Palace has been putting Kate through "Princess Lessons" for a while now. So all in all, I think they'll be happy, and HRH Princess William of Wales (as her legal style and title will be) will adjust.

This is a great time to be a royal watcher: Swedish royal wedding back in June, Danish royal twins(!) due in January, a Monagasque princely wedding in July, and a British royal wedding sometime in spring or summer!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

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