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“And don 't forget, the next time you're planning a family vacation, consider visiting Genovia. A country of majestic mountains and sunbaked beaches, filled with friendly, peppy people. Come see us. Genovia awaits you.” – Joe, “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”

middlegirl [userpic]

The benefits of bringing a hand fan to a wedding: it cools you off after lots of dancing and it air-dries your tears while watching the bride and her father dance to the obligatory sappy song*.

The downside to bringing a hand fan to a wedding: being asked by one of the flower girls twice if she could have it. I would have let her see it and play with it if I knew the girl and could thus ensure that I'd see it again. Sure, it cost me $4 at Cost Plus, but it was hard to find a fan in a color I liked that had a loop at the bottom for a ponytail holder-turned-wrist strap. Eventually I had to put it away to prevent being accosted again (I was starting to feel bad even though her mom really should have been keeping a better eye on her to keep her from repeatedly bothering strange ladies) and switch to using a paper plate from the dessert table.

*There will be no sappy father-daughter song at my hypothetical future wedding. I'll probably already be an emotional wreck, so I want as few opportunities for me to cry as possible. Plus, my dad doesn't really dance, so I'll want to make it the least taxing thing out there.

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