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“And don 't forget, the next time you're planning a family vacation, consider visiting Genovia. A country of majestic mountains and sunbaked beaches, filled with friendly, peppy people. Come see us. Genovia awaits you.” – Joe, “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”

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I love "Band on the Run," "Live and Let Die," and "Eleanor Rigby," but mostly "Birthday," because today is also my birthday, so I can honestly say "They say it's your birthday/It's my birthday too, yeah."

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So it was my birthday on Friday, and I have to admit the day didn't totally suck. I've been fighting some form of laryngitis for most of last week that decided to turn into a killer cold (sinus pressure and all) Friday morning, so of course I turn up at work - because I'm temping downtown for a third summer *is ambivalent* - unable to talk and as the morning progressed, my nose got more and more stuffed up, I was blowing my nose more often, and I probably looked horrible.

When I got home, the sisters and I left for Outback Steakhouse for birthday dinner with Armine and Tahleen. We usually have Bible study on Fridays just the five of us, but birthdays are special occasions. Then we went back to their house and watched Craig Ferguson reruns, but I wanted to get back home early - I had big plans for Saturday morning...

... the royal wedding of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, to her longtime boyfriend, Daniel Westling Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland, which started at the lovely hour of 3:30 pm Stockholm time, but translates to the unholy hour of 6:30 am California time. It's okay; I was up half the night blowing my nose and coughing anyway. I also put the website that would be streaming the wedding up when I went to bed, knowing that it would wake me up when coverage finally came on at 4 am (OMG). I ended up sleeping through the 100%-Swedish commentary before hand - though finally hearing an English voice singing the song from Sleepless in Seattle woke me up around 5 am - and woke up just in time to see the crowned heads of Europe show up in their tiara bling. If you check out Mad Hattery, one of my favorite blogs, you can see what some of the guests wore. Victoria was absolutely gorgeous, and she and Daniel were glowing. It was easily one of the sweetest, most romantic, and all-around best weddings I've ever seen, and not just because it was a royal wedding. Sure, because Daniel was so quiet and reserved in the year or so since the engagement I started thinking he was tagging along, and she clearly loved him more than he loved her, but after watching that wedding, I have no doubt that he would marry her even if she were just plain Vicki Bernadotte, who lived down the street from him in Stockholm. Any hopeful romantics should watch Daniel's speech at the wedding banquet. I dare you not to melt.

I spent the rest of Saturday at my grandparents' house to celebrate June birthdays, anniversaries, and Father's Day, but I slept most of the day thanks to no sleep that night. (No, I didn't feel the need to mention the Swedes, because I would have gotten no sympathy from Grandma. She doesn't understand the spectacle of a royal wedding, even though she probably had the opportunity to see clips of then-Princess Elizabeth's. The grandeur of royal-watching is lost on the bourgeois... says this proud American. :P )

And so the rest of the weekend was spent reliving the wedding - watching the speeches again and again, now that some of them have been posted online with English subtitles - and watching princess movies while nursing myself back to health. Best birthday present so far (I haven't gone shopping yet): being able to breathe today, though my sinuses still like to remind me of their presence occasionally.

(I think this goes down as one of the worst tag combinations I've ever had to use.)

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Well, I was thinking I'd post a little quick note mentioning my birthday present: a new puppy. We got him this morning, and to be honest, I was slightly ambivalent towards the idea of getting a new dog, but Westley (yes, we named him after The Princess Bride) is a cutie and a sweetie. I think I'm still at the point where I don't love him yet, but I do like him, and he makes everybody else happy, so sure I would have liked something else for my birthday, but whatever. (Before you think I'm giving up my birthday present for the sake of family, my sisters and I all have June birthdays, and Westley was a gift for all of us. So I'm giving up my 1/3 of a present for the sake of family. I might make it up to myself later.)

Then Mom and Armine woke me up from a nap (I've been up late editing my video review for Android Karenina, and I lost all my work last night, so I was up extra late) to tell me that the upset stomach we thought he had wasn't stopping, and that the vet thought it was parvo. So I was going to post about how I really couldn't do this again after I lost Sammie back in August. How this is a really sucky thing to happen to a birthday present and sure I don't coo over him and hold him like everybody else does, but that doesn't mean I want him to die, and I'm going to have to apologize to my sisters but I don't think I can just pick another puppy out of a lineup to replace this one. (Long run-on sentence is long.) But apparently we just got word from Dad and Hrayr that the vet says it's not parvo, but the vet hasn't seen him yet to know what it is. So now we're back to the point where I do like him, and I'm sure he'll grow on me, but he still isn't allowed in my room. (For the record, neither is Zoe, who hates the new interloper.)

I think this is what the TV Tropes site calls "mood whiplash."

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(I have been waiting ages to make that joke.)

I have figured out what I want for my birthday.

Faux-pretentiousness, thy name is Robyn. (I'm also having a coat of arms worked on - The International Association of Amateur Heralds will do it for free.)

You've got to admit, though, it would be untold levels of awesome.

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